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Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier

Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier

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Harmony and Comfort Combined: Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier
Introducing our innovative Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier, harmonizing mealtime with melodies. This multifunctional pacifier not only soothes your little one but also entertains with gentle melodies, transforming feeding time into a delightful symphony of comfort and joy.

Melodious Meals for a Tranquil Experience
Create a serene feeding environment with our Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier. The gentle melodies played by this pacifier help calm and relax your baby, turning mealtime into a harmonious and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Two-in-One Convenience for Busy Parents
Experience ultimate convenience with our Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier. Combining a feeding bottle and a pacifier in one, this innovative product saves you time and space in your diaper bag. Say goodbye to carrying multiple items and hello to simplified feeding on the go.

Soft and Safe Materials for Tender Care
Ensure your baby's comfort and safety with our Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Pacifier. Crafted from soft and non-toxic materials, this pacifier provides gentle support for your baby's delicate gums and teeth. Rest easy knowing that your little one is feeding and soothing in a safe and cozy manner.



Product Name: Baby Musical Feeding Bottle 

Material: 100% Harmless ABS Plastic  ( non-toxic and odorless )

Size: 14.5 * 9.5 * 4.5cm/5.71 * 3.74 * 1.77in

Condition: 100% brand new and high quality

Powered By: 2*AAA batteries (not included)


The baby bottle is designed to give the baby a sense of security, and the soft nipple soothes the baby's fidgety mood. 

Food-grade materials are safe and reliable.

Designed with high quality horn, the sound is crisp.

Portable design on the back makes it easier to go out. It can be tied to the crib or carried out on the back.

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